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ngrep 1.45
ngrep project strives to provide most of GNU grep's common features, applying them to the network layer
BSD License
GDC is a utility to calculate compressible flow (Gas Dynamics Calculator)
CDDL (Common Development and Distribution License)
Tk::Image::Calculation 0.04
Tk::Image::Calculation is a Perl extension for graphic calculations. SYNOPSIS #------------------------------------------------
Perl Artistic License
cclib 0.6.1

GPL (GNU General Public License)
JoSQL 1.4
JoSQL (SQL for Java Objects) provides the ability for a developer to apply a SQL statement to a collection of Java Objects
The Apache License 2.0
Libtasn1 0.3.5
Libtasn1 is the ASN.1 library used by GnuTLS, GNU Shishi and some other packages. Libtasn1 was written by Fabio Fiorina, and has b
LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License)
jssha256 0.1
jssha256 is a compact JavaScript implementation of the SHA256 secure hash function
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Gip Internet Protocol Calculator 1.6.1-1
Gip is an IP address calculator that integrates well with the GNOME desktop environment. Gip provides system administrators with t
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Password Creator 2.0

GPL (GNU General Public License)
pppcounter 0.3.5
The general function of the pppcounter is to save the begin and finish times of the connection to a log file, and to act as a tool li
GPL (GNU General Public License)