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Junk Mail Buffering Agent 0.5.5
Junk Mail Buffering Agent is a tool for preventing delivery of email until the sender has confirmed their address. Junk Mail Bufferi
Artistic License
Witty CD Player 0.0.7
Witty CD Player is a cd player program that uses cdda2wav for software buffering. I started having problems with my CD-ROM drive s
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Tilda 0.9.4
Tilda project is a Linux terminal taking after the likeness of many classic terminals from first person shooter games, Quake, Doom an
GPL (GNU General Public License)
httplog 2.1
httplog is a replacement for Apache's 'rotatelogs' and Andrew Ford's 'chronolog'
Free To Use But Restricted
progress 1.0
Progress is a utility used in a pipe to report progress of data transfer to standard error
GPL (GNU General Public License)
xv.php 0.0.2

GPL (GNU General Public License)
liberror 2.0.61
liberror is a library for C and C++ that solves the allegedly simply task of printing messages
Freely Distributable
Myghty 1.0.2
Myghty is a Python based web and templating framework originally based on HTML::Mason, the enterprise-level framework used by Amazon.
MIT/X Consortium License
OSSP sa 1.2.6
OSSP sa is an abstraction library for the Unix socket application programming interface (API) featuring stream and datagram oriented
MIT/X Consortium License
drm_tools 1.1.6
drm_tools contains a collection of console utilities
GPL (GNU General Public License)