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License: BSD License
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Developer: Grega Bremec
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midget is a small SMB-share based backup script intended for use in unattended environments where finding a person to create backups is next to impossible.

midget project is designed to allow the deployment of a file server with a built-in DVD-R drive at a client's site and subsequently perform completely automated backups.

The backup server is configured through a CSV file stored on one of the server's shares.

MailTools-1.74 or better

What's New in This Release:
Renamed the tool from sbs/rm to midget
Added copyright notices, forked TODO off to a separate file
Added a bunch of new configurables (tar error handling, optional removal of temporary files for debugging)
Reorganized source code (not too much, it shouldn't be TOO pretty, it's perl, damn it!
Fixed a typo in tar error checks (".tarrun", not ".terrun")
Changed copyright notices for both the medium and its contents

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