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Morphix is the best kick-ass GNU/Linux LiveCD around

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Morphix Team
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Morphix is the best kick-ass GNU/Linux LiveCD around. Quick, flexible, rebuildable from scratch and available in four flavours.

Morphix is built from the existing Knoppix and Debian GNU/Linux distributions. But Morphix is modular; this means that it consists of a number of parts which together form a working distribution. What does this mean to a normal user?

Well, that's the good part: he/she doesn't even know about the modules. The modularity is invisible to the user, save the startup-output on the console (which is hidden via a progress-screen/slideshow in the latest releases).

So, if you don't care about how it works, just grab one of the combined isos and boot it! The best thing is that these isos can be easily modified (Morphed) by you as you require.

Morphix is a LiveCD - A whole operating system on CD rather than a hard drive. In other words, you don't have to install anything to your harddisk.

Simply download an ISO, burn this to a CD, reboot your pc with the cd in the drive, use Morphix!

When you reboot (without the cd in the drive) your machine will be the way you had it before...completely unchanged.

What's New in This Release:
unionfs now used (replaces cowloop)
unionctl added to base module (allows adding/removal of branches)
supports non-ext3-type mainmodules again
uses 2.6.11 kernel
fix for grub 'Error 21' applied, grub updated to 0.96
apt-get install now supported from live CD
ndiswrapper included
ipw2100 driver included
linux-wlan drivers included
'boot harddiskinstall from livecd' menu added
/etc/network/interfaces fixed
translucency and mini_fo codepaths removed

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