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Motion is a program that monitors the video signal from one or more cameras and is able to detect if a significant part of the pictur

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Jeroen Vreeken
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Motion is a program that monitors the video signal from one or more cameras and is able to detect if a significant part of the picture has changed. Or in other words, it can detect motion.

The program is written in C and is made for the Linux operating system.

Motion is a command line based tool. It has absolutely no graphical user interface. Everything is setup either via the command line or via a set of configuration files (simple ASCII files that can be edited by any ASCII editor).

The output from motion can be:
jpg files
ppm format files
mpeg video sequences

Here are some key features of "motion":
Taking snapshots of movement
Watch multiple video devices at the same time
Watch multiple inputs on one capture card at the same time
Live streaming webcam (using multipart/x-mixed-replace)
Real time creation of mpeg movies using libavcodec from ffmpeg
Take automated snapshots on regular intervals
Take automated snapshots at irregular intervals using cron
Sending an e-mail when detecting movement
Sending a SMS message when detecting movement
Execute external commands when detecting movement
Motion tracking
Feed events to an MySQL or PostgreSQL database.
Feed video back to a video4linux loopback for real time viewing
Web interface using Motion Related Projects such as motion.cgi, Kenneths Webcam Package, Kevins Webpage, X-Motion and many more.
User configurable and user defined on screen display.
Control via xml-rpc - small control binary to control motion while running
Automatic noise and threshold control
Ability to control the pan/tilt of a Logitech Sphere (or Orbit) camera
Highly configurable display of text on images.
High configurable definition of path and file names of the stored images and films.

What's New in This Release:
Fixed misc problems in FreeBSD. (Angel Carpintero)
Fix problems with tuner_device and frequency, now by default is not defined to allow use any input without problem.
Replace strndup() by memcpy() in netcam.c
Merged with ( deleted)
Remove a warning when used --without-bktr
Remove cpu optimization (is broken)
Fixed memory leak in ffmpeg code. (Andrew Hamilton)
Fixed http control of pan and tilt (Angel Carpintero)
Fixed netcamera bug related to seperating frames in an mjpeg stream. (Peter Holik). From mailing list 23 Dec 2005.
Fix related to connecting to the netcam (William Black) From mailing list 23 Dec 2005.
Changed CHANGELOG to same bullet format as used by TWiki to make it easier to write release notes (Kenneth Lavrsen)
Changed CREDITS to same bullet format as CHANGELOG (Kenneth Lavrsen)
Fixed sql_mask not initialisated correctly (Angel Carpintero)
Fixed the management of strings from http remote control , setting to NULL when they are set to "blank" and fixes a problem with despeckle , that didn't allow to remove labeling action from http remote control. (Angel Carpintero)
Fix many typos in comments ( i ran aspell against the code ). Also there's a fix to free cnt->eventtime_tm when motion exits. (Angel Carpintero)
Fix the problem that happens in FreeBSD and Debian Sarge because version of ffmpeg is LIBAVFORMAT_BUILD < 4629. ( Pete Shipley and Angel Carpintero)
Updated motion.spec. Changing D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=2 by D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=1 to fix problem related to building with ffmpeg. (Angel Carpintero)
Implemented fix for missed snapshots with slow network cameras (Kenneth Lavrsen)
Added some constants in video.c function v4l_picture_controls() which can help people hack an optimal set of values for controlling auto brighness for their particular camera. For now I am do not want to add all of these to the already too large number of motion config options. Maybe based on feedback we can permanently change the constants and add an additional auto brightness option. Or maybe a combined option that sets more constant based on an algoritm. (Kenneth Lavrsen)
Fixed a syntax error in picture.c get_pgm() which caused the program to seg fault when a mask file size did not match the picture size. Now the program correctly gives an error message and continues without the mask. (Kenneth Lavrsen).
Added Tilt support to stepper track. ( Angel Carpintero ).
CPU VIA Ezra C3 autodetection support added. (James Van Vleet)

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