4.0 RC4 review

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License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 0K
Developer: Jacob Jarick
0 stars award from is a Perl script which purpose is to make formatting file names of media files very easy and quick.

Initialy it was just used to convert spaces to underscores on all mp3s in a given directory, but I soon added case formatting and many other options.

As far as Im aware this was first the script/ program created for the purpose of automatically formatting media collections.

So after many lapses, drinking/ smoking binges, hard drive failures and my laziness in general, is back, better than ever.


What's New in This Release:
dots2spaces wasnt working correctly with underscore set as space delimiter fixed.
Fixed previous version typo.
improved general cleanup yet again (wasnt properly cleaning if space delimiter was anything but space).
added some more tags to rm words list
manual rename updates the original filename when apply is pressed.
rm words wasnt correctly working on directories (fixed).
was still using $_ instead of $file in some places in (fixed)
When renaming directories general cleanup and rm words now work as expected. 4.0 RC4 search tags