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Instant 0.8
Instant is a Python module that allows for instant inlining of C and C++ code in Python
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Pyro 2

GPL (GNU General Public License)
msr 20060206
msr is a tool to display or modify x86 model-specific registers (MSRs). The syntax for arguments is: (none) : display all MSRs
BSD License
MathML::Entities 0.13
MathML::Entities is a Perl module that can convert XHTML+MathML Named Entities to Numeric Character References. SYNOPSIS use M
Perl Artistic License
bc 1.06
bc is an arbitrary precision numeric processing language
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Palm::Progect::Converter::CSV 2.0.4
Palm::Progect::Converter::CSV is a Perl module to convert between Progect databases and CSV files. SYNOPSIS my $converter =
Perl Artistic License
DBD::ODBC::Changes 1.13
DBD::ODBC::Changes is a Perl module with logs of significant changes to the DBD::ODBC. Requirements: Perl What's New in This
Perl Artistic License
NumExp 0.14.1
NumExp is a family of open-source applications for numeric computation
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Virtual Data Center 1.04-11
The Virtual Data Center (VDC) is a digital library system "in a box" for numeric data. The VDC is a web application which provides
GPL (GNU General Public License)
KNetStats 1.6.1
KNetStats is a simple KDE network monitor that show rx/tx LEDs or numeric information about the transfer rate of any network interfac
GPL (GNU General Public License)