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Nemerle 0.9.3
Nemerle is a high-level statically-typed programming language for the .NET platform
GPL (GNU General Public License)
AspectES 0.1
AspectES is an implementation of Aspect-Oriented Programming in JavaScript 1.5, as standardized by EcmaScript Specification 262. A
MIT/X Consortium License
JOLIE 0.2.2
JOLIE is an interpreter for a new high level programming language, designed for SOAs (Service Oriented Architecture) orchestration (a
LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License)
GOODS 3.0.1
GOODS project is an object oriented fully distributed database management system using an active client model
MIT/X Consortium License
Scala is a modern multi-paradigm programming language designed to express common programming patterns in a concise, elegant, and type
BSD License
The Objective Caml 3.08.4
Caml is a general-purpose programming language, designed with program safety and reliability in mind
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Luban programming language Beta 2.1
Luban is a component oriented scripting language
Freely Distributable
Aspect# is an AOP (Aspect Oriented Programming) framework for the CLI (.Net and Mono)
The Apache License 2.0
AFNIX programming language 1.4.1
AFNIX is a multi-threaded functional programming language with dynamic symbol bindings that support the object oriented paradigm
BSD License
Open Inventor 2.1.5
Open InventorTM is an object-oriented 3D toolkit offering a comprehensive solution to interactive graphics programming problems
LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License)