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raddump 0.3.1

GPL (GNU General Public License)
ngrep 1.45
ngrep project strives to provide most of GNU grep's common features, applying them to the network layer
BSD License
Advanced Packet Sniffer 0.19
Aps is a small tool for analyzing network traffic
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Aircrack-ng 0.6.2
Aircrack-ng is a set of tools for auditing wireless networks. airodump: 802.11 packet capture program aireplay: 802.11 packe
GPL (GNU General Public License)
netAI 0.1
netAI comes from Network Traffic based Application Identification and has been developed for identifying the end host applications th
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Live-F1 0.2.6
Live F1 is a native Linux client for viewing the information feed of the official Formula-1 Web site without the need of a Java-enabl
GPL (GNU General Public License) 1.1 is a python module that makes it a little bit easier to work with sockets, and may also make your I/O faster if you're rea
GPL (GNU General Public License)
tcpdump 3.9.5
tcpdump is a handy little library which provides a packet filtering mechanism based on the BSD packet filter (BPF). Most notably,
BSD License
Smit 0.20
Smit is a simple ARP sniffer for switched/unswitched networks
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Packet Construction Set 0.3
Packet Construction Set is a set of Python modules and objects that make building network protocol code easier for the protocol devel
BSD License