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PimpBNC is an IRC bouncer that runs on most platforms (for example Windows, Linux, Unix and BSD)

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Tedd Hansen
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PimpBNC is an IRC bouncer that runs on most platforms (for example Windows, Linux, Unix and BSD). PimpBNC is developed by Tedd Hansen and Jarand Moen.

We meet every monday to discuss tech-stuff and PimpBNC/PimpSearch.

Tedd does most of the socket/hooks/protocol/core stuff, and Jarand argument parsing, config reading, etc... and we are both involved in planning...

PimpBNC is OPEN SOURCE. This means that you can download the source code and change it.

PimpBNC is GPL. This means that you can download it for free, modify it and give it away to others.

PimpBNC is written in PERL, and PERL is not so difficult If you have experience with C/C++/Visual Basic/Java/PHP you'll probably find PERL very easy to learn. We have tried to make it as easy as possible to create modules when writing PimpBNC. If you make any modifications, or create any modules - please let us know and we might include it in the package.

PimpBNC was totally rewritten from BETA 7 to BETA 8 It went from being a static ball of hairy code to be a modular ball of even more hairy code. PimpBNC was rewritten from BETA 11 to BETA 12, Beta 12 is release 0.9.1. Basically, Tedd likes to rewrite code - it gets better every time...

Here are some key features of "PimpBNC":
Free PERL script
Very easy to set up and use
Easy to use web based configuration. Built in web server, simply type: perl PimpBNC.pl --webserver
Builtin primitive (beta) web chat (works together with your IRC clients)
Easy comment and bugreport system. Just type: perl PimpBNC.pl --comment or perl pimpBNC.pl --bugreport
Can be controlled from a query-window
Generates config file based on what modules are available (no need to add config options when adding a script or module)
Downloads updates and updates itself while running (notifies you if a restart is required)
Platform independent. Should work on about 50 different platforms!
Extensive and easy module support. Easy to write own scripts or modules.
Extensive configuration file that lets you controll just about everything
Caches lots of information from the server to speed up response time and lower traffic to server
Translation support (Lets you translate or download translation file for any language)
Keeps your nick on IRC even when your'e offline
Single process (for those with restricted shells)
Support for (almost) unlimited servers/nicks/chans (servers will restrict number of channels) in config
Shares a single IRC connection to (almost) unlimited ammount of clients
Lets you bind to different incoming and outgoing IP's
Does not require root/administrator privelegies
Does not require any extra libs or programs
Away logging (logs relevant text such as privmsg/query while your'e away) and remembers it between sessions
Prints a message/performs commands, changes nick and sets away when connections drop below specified amount
Still under development, and only in startup phase..
Covers all your daily bouncer needs and more

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