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Spirit Parser library 1.8.2 Code Generators
Spirit is an object oriented recursive descent parser generator framework implemented using template meta-programming techniques
zlib/libpng License
xmds 1.5-3 Code Generators
XMDS project is a code generator that integrates equations
GPL (GNU General Public License)
RubyInline 3.2.1 Code Generators
Ruby Inline is an analog to Perl's Inline::C
MIT/X Consortium License
genproto 0.4.1 Code Generators
genproto generates prototypes from C/C++ code
Freely Distributable
doublecpp 0.6.1 Code Generators
Doublecpp project is a preprocessor for C++ that handles a new linguistic construct for defining branches of a multi-method. The "
GPL (GNU General Public License)
CCIDE 0.0.8-8 Code Generators
Ccide reads C, C++, BASIC, or bash source code containing embedded decision tables from stdin, expands the tables, copies the remaini
GPL (GNU General Public License)
JavaCC 3.2 Code Generators

Styx 1.7 Code Generators
Styx is a scanner and parser generator designed to address some shortcomings of the traditional lex/yacc combination. It has uniqu
LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License)
cpptools 0.1.6 Code Generators
This project aims to create a toolbox for C/C++ development
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Common Text Transformation Library 2.08 Code Generators
Common Text Transformation Library, CTTL for short, is a set of C++ classes and functions to understand and modify text data
GPL (GNU General Public License)
SableCC 3.2 Code Generators
SableCC is an object-oriented framework that generates compilers (and interpreters) in the Java programming language
LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License)
Caffeine.NET 0.1.0 Code Generators
Caffeine is a free high-performing interoperability solution between the Java platform and the .NET framework. Caffeine's key diff
MIT/X Consortium License
Felix Programming Language 1.1.1 Code Generators
Felix is an advanced Algol like procedural programming language with a strong functional subsystem
Freely Distributable
X Language 0.7.1 Code Generators
X Language is a new multi-syntax programming including a portable set of APIs to create console or graphical applications runnable on
GPL (GNU General Public License)
PyBison 0.1.8 Code Generators
PyBison is a Python binding to the Bison (yacc) and Flex (lex) parser-generator utilities. It allows parsers to be quickly and eas
GPL (GNU General Public License)
SJPT: Simple Java Parsing Toolkit Code Generators
SJPT is parsing toolkit that supports both top-down (LL(1) and Simple Precedence) and bottom-up parsing (LR(0), SLR(1), LR(1) and LAL
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Develop 0.8-0.0 Code Generators

GPL (GNU General Public License)
FSME 1.0.2 Code Generators
FSME is a graphical tool to develop general finite state machines. Developed automatas are stored in files simular to Qt Designer
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Snippeq 0.0.1 Code Generators
Many programmers often write small test code or example code for themselves or for helping others, these small code pieces are named
GPL (GNU General Public License)
AutoOpts 27.5 Code Generators
AutoOpts 25:1 is included with AutoGen 5.7.1
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Parabuild EAP 2.0.37 Code Generators
Parabuild - An Automated Software Build Management Server Parabuild is a powerful automated build management server developed by V
Other/Proprietary License with Free Trial
Redet 8.18 Code Generators
Redet also known as Regular Expression Development and Execution Tool is a tool for developing and executing regular expressions usin
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Skaringa r3p7 Code Generators
Skaringa is an API for Java and XML language binding. It transforms Java objects into XML documents and back, and can generate XML
GPL (GNU General Public License)
XCC 0.6.0 Code Generators
XCC is a tool for building XML format parsers
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Visual Paradigm for UML 6.0 (Community Edition) Code Generators
Visual Paradigm project for the Unified Modeling Language (VP-UML) is a UML CASE tool
Free for non-commercial use