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Xplns 3.3.1
Xplns reproduces real starry sky on your display of X Window System
Free To Use But Restricted
PROJ.4 4.5.0
PROJ.4 is a cartographic projections and datum shifting library written in C
GPL (GNU General Public License)
pyglplot 0.1.0
pyglplot is a program to 3D-plot mathematical functions and datafiles
GPL (GNU General Public License)
EmailScan 0.12
EmailScan scans incoming multipart email for bad file types, filenames, and virii using procmail
GPL (GNU General Public License) 1.1-051212

GPL (GNU General Public License)
FastVox 2.0 Alpha 1
FastVox project is a state of the art volume rendering API with outstanding image quality and acceleration features that take advanta
Free for non-commercial use
VDOWall 0.3
VDOWall is an application which enabled you to create a realtime streaming video out of different sources. These sources can be cont
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Thuban 1.1.0
Thuban is an interactive geographic data viewer (GIS viewer) which features methods to visualize, explore, and analyze geographic inf
GPL (GNU General Public License)
C# for Emacs 0.4.0
C# for Emacs is a derived mode implementing most of the C# rules. After a good number of years, we noticed that there wasn't a "no
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Laptop Mode Tools 1.32
Laptop Mode Tools allows you to control various power management settings based on AC/battery power state. Among other things, it
GPL (GNU General Public License)