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PyMM is an MP3 Manager written in Python

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Pierre Hjalm
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PyMM is an MP3 Manager written in Python. With it you can easily create playlists, edit ID3 tags and search your collection.

I used to use the windows program MP3 Manager to manage my MP3s. I have since migrated my MP3 collection to Unix, and I therefore needed something similar on that platform. The project also gave me an opportunity to get aquainted with wxPython, which I must say is a quite suberb windowing toolkit.

You can use the program to manage your collection, create playlists, control the XMMS player, edit ID3 tags and so forth.

You can install the program in two ways:

1. run "python install". This requires write access to the python installation tree. It will install a startup script in the python bin directory. Then just type "pymm" to start the program.
This requires Python 2.0/1.6 or that you have Distutils installed.

2. Just put this directory somewhere and start the program with "python". I made a link to the script in a bin directory (i.e something like "ln -s / /usr/local/bin/pymm").

What's New in This Release: (Timer.Notify): Added total time of track to statusbar. (Xmms): Added get_playlist_time(pos).

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