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KDE Radio Station 0.6
KDE Radio Station presents you a list of internet streaming radio stations
GPL (GNU General Public License)
RadioActive 1.4.0

GPL (GNU General Public License)
Radio DE Toolbar

MPL (Mozilla Public License)
Radio Explorer 2.7.7
Radio Explorer is a graphic viewer for shortwave radio broadcasting schedules. Radio Explorer displays shortwave radio broadcasting
Ximba Radio 1.0.0
Ximba Radio project is a GTK+ based user interface to the OpenXM daemon for controlling an XMPCR (a USB-connected XM Radio for PCs)
GPL (GNU General Public License)
XFCE Radio Plugin 0.1.0
XFCE Radio Plugin is a plugin for the XFCE panel, which allows you to control your v4l radio device from within the panel. Require
GPL (GNU General Public License)
rico_RADIO 0.8
rico_RADIO is a little app for X under linux to listen to the radio
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Gnomeradio 1.7
Gnomeradio is a FM radio tuner for the GNOME desktop (version 1 and 2). Gnomeradio is an FM radio tuner application
GPL (GNU General Public License)
GNU Radio 2.8
GNU Radio is a collection of software that when combined with minimal hardware, allows the construction of radios where the actual wa
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Stewie Radio Automation Project 0.3.1a
The Stewie Radio Automation Project is a stand-in replacement for the "XMMS playlist on random" style of independent radio station.
GPL (GNU General Public License)