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crapsearch 1.1.0
crapsearch project enhances privacy by polling targeted Web search engines with random search terms
Public Domain
mod_random 2.0
Mod Random provides three services
GPL (GNU General Public License)
syrinx 0.9
Sysrinx is a semi-intelligent controller for mpg123 that features searching ID3 tags and random song selection. Here is how to set
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Random Music 1.1
Random Music plays random MP3 tracks from your music collection
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Data::Faker::DateTime 0.07
Data::Faker::DateTime is a Data::Faker plugin. DATA PROVIDERS unixtime Return a unix time (seconds since the epoch) for a ra
Perl Artistic License
NameSpawner 0.6
NameSpawner can be used to generate random names with a specific theme
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Random Album 0.3
For a long time I wanted to play a random "album" in Amarok
Open Software License
WordSearch 1.1
WordSearch is a Perl script that generates word search puzzles
GPL (GNU General Public License)
WWW::Search::Scraper::Beaucoup 2.27

Perl Artistic License
WWW::Search::Scraper::BAJobs 2.27
WWW::Search::Scraper::BAJobs it Scrapes BAJobs.com. SYNOPSIS require WWW::Search::Scraper; $search = new WWW::Search::
Perl Artistic License