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MP3 renamer 2006 0.62
Mp3 renamer 2006 by MiKe is a shell script for Linux
Other/Proprietary License with Source
TabRenamizer 0.7

MPL (Mozilla Public License)
File rename utils 1.6.1
File rename utils project is a robust bash hacks that enable various file renaming actions
GPL (GNU General Public License)
qscan 0.1.2
qscan is a sendmail queue scanner designed to scan all incoming email for file attachments and rename any offending file attachments
GPL (GNU General Public License)
SmarTagger 0.1
SmarTagger is a perl script that read a text file with the album info and use it to write the MP3 tags and rename the files according
GPL (GNU General Public License)
audio_rename 0.9708
audio_rename can rename an audio file via information got via MP3::Tag. SYNOPSIS audio_rename -csR -@p "@a/@l/@02n_@t" . r
Perl Artistic License
id3ren 1.1b0
id3ren is used to rename batches of mp3 files by reading the ID3 tag at the end of the file which contains the song name, artist, alb
GPL (GNU General Public License)
MP3::Album::Track 0.14
MP3::Album::Track is a Perl extension to manage a "physical" track of a mp3 album. SYNOPSIS use MP3::Album::Track;
Perl Artistic License
GPRename 1.7
GPRename is a GUI batch file renamer based on Gtk-Perl. GPRename can rename files numerically, insert/delete characters at/betwee
GPL (GNU General Public License)
RwdSchedule 1.02
RwdSchedule is an event database program using RubyWebDialogs. It can list events, store events, and edit, rename, and delete even
GPL (GNU General Public License)