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Net::Gopher::Response::XML 0.90
Net::Gopher::Response::XML is a Perl module Convert a Gopher/Gopher+ response to XML. SYNOPSIS use Net::Gopher; use Net::Gop
Perl Artistic License
POE::Filter::HTTPD 0.3601
POE::Filter::HTTPD is a Perl module to convert stream to HTTP::Request; HTTP::Response to stream. SYNOPSIS $httpd = POE::Filt
Perl Artistic License
WWW::Scraper::FlipDog 0.01

Perl Artistic License
WWW::Scraper::Brainpower 0.01

Perl Artistic License
WWW::Scraper::Beaucoup 3.05

Perl Artistic License
WWW::Search::Scraper::Beaucoup 2.27

Perl Artistic License
WWW::Search::Scraper::FlipDog 2.27

Perl Artistic License
WWW::Search::Scraper::Brainpower 2.27

Perl Artistic License
Evochallenge 0.6
Evochallenge is a simple Perl-based challenge/response mail filter for Evolution on Linux. How it Works: Challenge/response e-m
BSD License
ScraperPOD 3.05
ScraperPOD is a framework for scraping results from search engines. SYNOPSIS use WWW::Scraper; # Name your Scraper module /
GPL (GNU General Public License)