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Fuzzy sets for Ada 4.2
Fuzzy sets for Ada is a library providing implementations of confidence factors with the operations not, and, or, xor, +, and *, clas
LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License)
Global Javadoc Viewer 1.8.2
Global Javadoc Viewer is a tiny application that allows you to conveniently browse multiple Javadoc sets simultaneously, using a sing
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Plonx 0.03
Plonx is a simple puzzle game for Linux console. Plonx is a small puzzle game, where you'll have to avoid bombs and collect points
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Xystray 0.9beta
Xystray is a simple implementation of the systray specification (a.k.a
GPL (GNU General Public License)
AI::FuzzyLogic 0.05
AI::FuzzyLogic is a Perl module for Fuzzy Set Operations and Tools. SYNOPSIS use AI::FuzzyLogic; $i = new AI::FuzzyLogic
Perl Artistic License
Fractal View 1.0.3
Fractal View project is a fractal viewing application that can be used to explore common fractal sets. It runs full-screen, suppor
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Convert::Recode 1.04
Convert::Recode is a Perl module to make mapping functions between character sets. SYNOPSIS use Convert::Recode qw(ebcdic_to_
Perl Artistic License
Mnemona GUI Client 3.1
Mnemona GUI Client is a Java application that provides a GUI interface for accessing sets in a trove managed by a Mnemona Trove Serve
Free for non-commercial use
dagger 0.2
dagger is a small command-line utility for unix/linux written in Python which tags and renames audio-files
GPL (GNU General Public License)
SQL Query Builder 1.2
SQL Query Builder is a PHP 5 class that generates simple SQL queries (select, insert, update, and delete) that can be sent to an SQL
Other/Proprietary License with Source