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crapsearch 1.1.0
crapsearch project enhances privacy by polling targeted Web search engines with random search terms
Public Domain
Yahoo::Search 1.7.10
Yahoo::Search is a Perl interface to the Yahoo! Search public API. The following search spaces are supported: Doc Common web s
Perl Artistic License
Charlix 0.3
Charlix is a desktop assistant that is based on AIML (Artificial Intelligence Markup Language) and is compatible with any AIML interp
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Mindmeld is an enterprise-capable knowledge-sharing system
Other/Proprietary License with Source
Search::QueryParser 0.91
Search::QueryParser parses a query string into a data structure suitable for external search engines. SYNOPSIS my $qp = new S
Perl Artistic License
Search::Tools::Keywords 0.06
Search::Tools::Keywords is a Perl module to extract keywords from a search query. SYNOPSIS use Search::Tools::Keywords; use
Perl Artistic License
iSearch engine 2.0.0
iSearch engine project is an internal web site search engine. Built to run as a CGI module, iSearch performs a searching for one o
GPL (GNU General Public License)
PlayGUI 0.1.4
PlayGUI is a java client for MPD (Music Player Daemon). It does all your basic music player stuff, and has nice searches. MPD i
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Search::ContextGraph 0.15
Search::ContextGraph is a Perl module for spreading activation search engine. SYNOPSIS use Search::ContextGraph; my $cg
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Sentensa 2.3
SENTENSA Knowledge Miner is a platform independent tool for searching any text. SENTENSA uses robust methods of indexing and searchin
LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License)