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Lingua::Phonology::Segment 0.32
Lingua::Phonology::Segment is a module to represent a segment as a bundle of feature values. SYNOPSIS use Lingua::Phono
Perl Artistic License
Bio::DB::GFF::Feature 1.4
Bio::DB::GFF::Feature is a relative segment identified by a feature type. Bio::DB::GFF::Feature is a stretch of sequence that corr
Perl Artistic License
mod_pweb 0.2
mod_pweb is a mass virtual hosting with shared memory segment for domain to path translations. If you want to run some hundreds of
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Image::MetaData::JPEG::Structures 0.15
Image::MetaData::JPEG::Structures is a Perl module that describes the structure of a JPEG file; it is an appendix to the main manual
Perl Artistic License
X12::Parser::Readme 0.08
X12::Parser::Readme is a Perl module for understanding configuration (cf) files for X12::Parser. X12 transactions ASC X12 standar
Perl Artistic License
Berkley Snoop for Linux 0.3 RC4
Berkley Snoop for Linux is a module which adds support for the Snoop protocol, a TCP-aware link layer protocol designed that can impr
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Math::Bezier::Convert 0.02
Math::Bezier::Convert is a Perl module to convert cubic and quadratic bezier each other. SYNOPSIS use Math::Bezier::Convert;
Perl Artistic License
cutmp3 1.9
cutmp3 is a small and fast command line MP3 editor
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Phex 2.8.10
Phex is a P2P filesharing client which is based on the Gnutella network
GPL (GNU General Public License)
PHP Running Management 1.0.2
PHP Running Management or phpRunMan is a set of scripts for runners
GPL (GNU General Public License)