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App::Session 0.962
App::Session can represents a sequence of multiple events perhaps executed in separate processes. SYNOPSIS # ..
GPL (GNU General Public License)
ROX-Session 0.29
ROX-Session is a simple session manager
GPL (GNU General Public License)
WWW::Meta::XML::Browser 0.08
WWW::Meta::XML::Browser is a Perl module to simulate a browser session described in a XML file. SYNOPSIS use WWW::Meta::XML::
Perl Artistic License
Screenie 1.30.0
Screenie is a small and lightweight screen frontend that is designed to be a session handler that simplifies the process of administr
GPL (GNU General Public License)
POE::Session::GladeXML2 0.3.1
POE::Session::GladeXML2 is a Perl module that can emit POE events for Gtk2 callbacks. SYNOPSIS package test; use POE::
Perl Artistic License
pppoesk 1.0a
pppoesk is a PPPoE session killer. pppoesk is a small C program which goal is to terminate a bogus PPPoE session in an automatic w
GPL (GNU General Public License)
mod_but 2.2
mod_but is an Apache 2.x module designed to operate as reverse-proxy enhancement component
Other/Proprietary License
pam_script 0.1.10

GPL (GNU General Public License)
POE::Component::Generic 0.0904
POE::Component::Generic is a POE component that provides non-blocking access to a blocking object. SYNOPSIS use POE::Compon
Perl Artistic License
pam_require 0.7

GPL (GNU General Public License)