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Command Line WRAPper 0.3.0
Command Line WRAPper is a tool that provides an easy way to build and run commands from input lines, avoiding the use of shell script
GPL (GNU General Public License)
color wrapper 1.0.14
color wrapper is a non-intrusive real-time ANSI color wrapper for common unix-based commands on GNU/linux
GPL (GNU General Public License)
DBIx::Wrapper 0.24

Perl Artistic License
XArchive 0.2.8-6
XArchive is a generic front end for archives that uses external wrappers around the command line tools
GPL (GNU General Public License)
pcsc-ctapi-wrapper 0.1

LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License)
Java Service Wrapper 3.2.3
Java Service Wrapper is a configurable tool which allows Java applications to be installed and controlled like native NT or Unix serv
MIT/X Consortium License
zssh 1.5a
zssh interactively transfers files to a remote machine while using the secure shell. It is intended to be a convenient alternative
GPL (GNU General Public License)
CGI-Shell 0.21
CGI-Shell provides a shell using CGI, so everyone who has a CGI directory on a Web server can also have a shell on it
GPL (GNU General Public License)
cvsd 1.0.13
cvsd is a wrapper program for cvs in pserver mode
GPL (GNU General Public License)
pg_collkey 0.1
pg_collkey is a wrapper to use the collation functions of the ICU library with a PostgreSQL database server. Using this wrapper, y
BSD License