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SImg is a software for astronomical image processing

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 2763K
Developer: Stefan Ziegenbalg
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SImg is a software for astronomical image processing. It contains a tool for visualization of highly dynamic images.

The package consists of a library and applications which use it. Some of the features are deconvolution (various methods), Video4Linux support, PSF computation, approximation by linear combination of images and polynoms, various color transforms, automatic shifting of image sets (for addition and color composition), and more.

Here are some key features of "SImg":
Support for Firewire cameras (including support for longtime exposure modifications)
GUI for control of Firewire cameras (with real time sharpness computation for simplifying focusing) [Screenshot]
Support of many raw data formats for digital cameras (dcraw)
Several methods for generating false color images
Support of bayer color pattern images
Multi time exposures (to increase the dynamic by combining different exposure times, e.g. to avoid blooming)
Computing of read out noise and AD resolution
Removing interferences
Visualization tool [Screenshot]
Deconvolution (Wiener, van Cittert's, Richardson Lucy and a new method)
Video4linux support (for cameras)
Computing of the PSF
Many routines for color composition
Algorithm's for removing gradients
Automatic shifting / rotation / ... of images (for addition, color composition or cutting)
Many possibilities for color value transforms
Approximation by polynomials or images

What's New in This Release:
Support for Firewire cameras, support of various raw data formats, support for Bayer color pattern images, and various additional features, improvements, and bugfixes.

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