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SQL::Routine::Language 0.70.3
SQL::Routine::Language is a Perl module for what language or grammar SQL::Routine speaks. SQL::Routine contains SQL schemas and qu
Perl Artistic License
uLan Driver 0.7
uLan provides 9-bit message oriented communication protocol, which is transferred over RS-485 link. Characters are transferred sam
GPL (GNU General Public License)
State Machine Compiler 4.3.3
State Machine Compiler takes a state machine stored in an .sm file and generates the state pattern classes in nine programming langua
MPL (Mozilla Public License)
Sys::OutPut 2.1
Sys::OutPut is a Perl module to help make output easier. SYNOPSIS usage Sys::OutPut; talk $fmtstr [, @args]; out $
Perl Artistic License
GLPK 4.9
The GLPK (GNU Linear Programming Kit) package is intended for solving large-scale linear programming (LP), mixed integer programming
GPL (GNU General Public License)
POE::Component::Basement 0.01
POE::Component::Basement provides Class::Std and base POE component functionality. SYNOPSIS package POE::MyComponent; #
Perl Artistic License
IP Tables State 2.1
Having worked with IP Filter on Solaris for a few years now, when I work on IP Tables in Linux I come to miss State Top
zlib/libpng License
Term::TUI 1.20
Term::TUI is a simple tool for building text-based user interfaces. SYNOPSIS If TUI_Run is the only routine being used: use
Perl Artistic License
FSA::Rules 0.26
FSA::Rules is a Perl module to build simple rules-based state machines in Perl. Synopsis my $fsa = FSA::Rules->new( pin
Perl Artistic License
Nerys 0.0.7
Small "watchdog-like" daemon which monitors network interfaces and log state changes to a file
GPL (GNU General Public License)