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uLan Driver 0.7
uLan provides 9-bit message oriented communication protocol, which is transferred over RS-485 link. Characters are transferred sam
GPL (GNU General Public License)
State Machine Compiler 4.3.3
State Machine Compiler takes a state machine stored in an .sm file and generates the state pattern classes in nine programming langua
MPL (Mozilla Public License)
Ygl 4.1f
Ygl emulates SGI's GL routines under X11
GPL (GNU General Public License)
JAMlib 1.4.7

LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License)
Configuration File Library 1.0
The Configuration File Library (CFL) is a collection of routines for manipulating configuration files
GPL (GNU General Public License)
libUtils 20010716-205721
libutils library is a hodgepodge of routines that I have found usefull at one time or another
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Locale::RecodeData::IBM918 1.16
Locale::RecodeData::IBM918 are conversion routines for IBM918. SYNOPSIS This module is internal to libintl
Perl Artistic License
POE::Component::Basement 0.01
POE::Component::Basement provides Class::Std and base POE component functionality. SYNOPSIS package POE::MyComponent; #
Perl Artistic License
Hermes 1.3.3
Hermes is a graphics library designed to do a very limited number of things and do them very well
GPL (GNU General Public License)
IP Tables State 2.1
Having worked with IP Filter on Solaris for a few years now, when I work on IP Tables in Linux I come to miss State Top
zlib/libpng License