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PATH programming language 0.33
PATH is a very different programming language than what you are probably used to if you're an average programmer
MIT/X Consortium License
pINET implements a Python interface for the NASDAQ INET XML service
Public Domain
KScope 1.4.2
KScope is a Cscope frontend
BSD License
Alceri Multimedia Player 2.2
AMmP is a Multimedia Player which uses GTK+ 2
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Find++ 1.4.2

GPL (GNU General Public License)
NoMachine NX Server Manager 2.1.0-6 Beta
NoMachine NX Server Manager is the upcoming management interface for the NX Terminal Server system. The NX Server Manager is the e
Other/Proprietary License
MP3::Find::Base 0.06

Perl Artistic License
Pasmo project is a Z80 cross assembler, written in standard C++ that compiles easily in multiple platforms
GPL (GNU General Public License)
pprom 0.06
pprom (pronounced PEE-prom) is a Perl script that enables you to write your shell prompts in a simple shell-independent syntax, "comp
Perl Artistic License
pts-elfdisasm 0.14
pts-elfdisasm is command-line ELF disassembler for the i386 architecture, based on elfdisasm-0.11, which is in turn based on ndisasm
Other/Proprietary License with Source