TestOOB 1.13 review

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TestOOB is an advanced unit testing framework for Python

License: The Apache License 2.0
File size: 0K
Developer: Ori Peleg
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TestOOB is an advanced unit testing framework for Python. TestOOB integrates effortlessly with existing PyUnit (module ‘unittest’) test suites.

Python 2.2 or higher
ElementTree for XML output.
ElementTree and 4Suite for HTML output.

What's New in This Release:
Python 2.5 support, #281
New option --rerun-on-fail (added by Ryan Wilcox), #288
--vassert now works with 'testoob.testing' functions, #289

Install Windows executable helper only on Windows, #279
Skipped tests don't count as run tests, #271
'--processes' fixed (by Chad Whitacre), #287
Missing import in tests fixed (by Lukasz Strzygowski)

Unit tests for 'testoob.running', #155
Using optparse's '--version' hook, #285
Testoob is tested by a PyBot, #282 (by Grig Gheorghiu)

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