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Text Zap 0.5
Text Zap is a Java text filtering
The Apache License 2.0
GD::Text 0.86

Perl Artistic License
Text::Graphics 1.0001
Text::Graphics is a text graphics rendering toolkit. This is a toolkit for rendering plain text via an API like that used for grap
Perl Artistic License
MKDoc::Text::Structured::Inline 0.83

Perl Artistic License
Text::Kakasi::JP 2.04

Perl Artistic License
Text::Kakasi 2.04
Text::Kakasi is a perl frontend to kakasi. SYNOPSIS use Text::Kakasi; # functional $res = Text::Kakasi::getopt_argv('-J
Perl Artistic License
Tartan text parser 0.1.0
Tartan is a text parsing engine targeted at wiki text
MIT/X Consortium License
XML::DOM::Text 1.44
XML::DOM::Text is a piece of XML text in XML::DOM. XML::DOM::Text extends XML::DOM::CharacterData, which extends XML::DOM::Node.
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Text::EtText::EtText2HTML 2.2

Perl Artistic License
Text::Graph 0.23
Text::Graph is a Perl extension for generating text-based graphs. SYNOPSIS use Text::Graph; blah blah blah Some data is
Perl Artistic License