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Return-RST 1.1
Return-RST is a firewalling tool for Linux 2.2.xx systems using IPCHAINS
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Data::Faker::DateTime 0.07
Data::Faker::DateTime is a Data::Faker plugin. DATA PROVIDERS unixtime Return a unix time (seconds since the epoch) for a ra
Perl Artistic License
Data::Faker::StreetAddress 0.07
Data::Faker::StreetAddress is a Data::Faker plugin. DATA PROVIDERS us_zip_code Return a random zip or zip+4 zip code in the
Perl Artistic License
Return To Castle Wolfenstein 1.4.1b
Return To Castle Wolfenstein is the awesome follow-up to the original Wolfenstein 3D. This is the follow-up to the old Wolfenstein
Class::Std 0.0.8

Perl Artistic License
SdlBasic GameBasic language 20050312

LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License)
PHP ClamAV Lib 0.12a
PHP ClamaAV Lib is a PHP extension that allows you to incorporate virus scanning features in your PHP scripts. It uses the Clam An
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Parrot::OpTrans 0.4.5
Parrot::OpTrans is a Perl module that can transform Ops to C Code. Parrot::OpTrans is the abstract superclass for the Parrot op to
Perl Artistic License
RPM::Util::Files 0.10

GPL (GNU General Public License)
cid-compiler 0.1
cid-compiler is a language tool to easily create C code with object oriented features
BSD License