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Tiff Plugin 0.3
Tiff Plugin is Mozilla/Netscape compatible plugin for viewing TIFF images. Its features include zooming, rotation, and a progress
LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License)
QuickFolders 3.5.0
QuickFolders allows you to easily bookmark mail folders in Thunderbird
MPL (Mozilla Public License)
TB QuickMove 0.4.2
TB QuickMove is a Thunderbird extension that allows you to move messages to common folders quickly
MPL (Mozilla Public License)
Net::IRC3::Util 0.3
Net::IRC3::Util are common utilities that help with IRC protocol handling. SYNOPSIS use Net::IRC3 qw/parse_irc_msg mk_msg/;
Perl Artistic License
Bulk Meter Flow and Operations 1.2.4
Bulk Meter Flow and Operations provides a Web-based application to manage water meter readings. Requirements: In order to run t
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Leet Key 1.3.1

MPL (Mozilla Public License)
JavaLog Analyser 20061126

GPL (GNU General Public License)
Hoglet 0.2
Hoglet allows special markup to be added to text documents so that software documentation can be easily produced. It provides a co
The Apache License 2.0
ajaxMyTop 0.7.2
ajaxMyTop project is a Web-based tool featuring an AJAX user interface for monitoring a MySQL server. Requirements: PHP5 INS
LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License)
iList 0.4.7
The project aims to develop an intelligent playlist for the KDE media player Noatun
GPL (GNU General Public License)