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Original Disk Mount Applet 2.10.0
Original Disk Mount Applet is the original disk mount panel applet. This is the same as the disk mounter included through GNOME 2
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Python Kye 0.9.2
Kye is a puzzle game which takes ideas from Sokoban and the genre of falling-rocks puzzle games
GPL (GNU General Public License)
mod_auth_tkt 1.3
mod_auth_tkt is an original mod_auth_tkt, with some improvements (inactivity timeout). Here are some key features of "mod auth tkt
The Apache License
GM Invert 0-1-12
GM Invert is a collection of GIMP effects that let's you toggle any one of the effects than it gives back the original image
GPL (GNU General Public License)
FreeRa 060716
FreeRa is a Westwood red alert game engine (original .mix files required)
GPL (GNU General Public License)
wmfire 1.2.3
wmfire is a fiery dock app. This is an update of the original wmfire dock applet
GPL (GNU General Public License)
XU4 1.0 beta3
XU4 is a remake of the computer game Ultima IV
GPL (GNU General Public License)
United States English Dictionary for Thunderbird
United States English Dictionary is an en-US spellchecking extension for Thunderbird. This extension packages a subset of the orig
MPL (Mozilla Public License)
Kye 0.9.2
Kye is a clone of the classic puzzle game Kye to Linux (well, to Python and pygtk, so it should run on most platforms where those are
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Turbotail 0.3

GPL (GNU General Public License)