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Netdude 0.4.7
Netdude, the Network Dump data Displayer and Editor, is a framework for inspection, analysis and manipulation of tcpdump trace files.
GPL (GNU General Public License)
BuGLe 0.0.20061109
BuGLe is a tool for OpenGL debugging at it is implemented as a wrapper library that sits between your program and OpenGL. Here are
GPL (GNU General Public License)
trace2html 0.2.1

GPL (GNU General Public License)
PTT 0.10.0
PTT helps users to analyze and understand correction and performance problems for multi-threaded applications
LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License)
libnetdude 0.9
libnetdude is a library for manipulating tcpdump and libpcap trace files
BSD License
Asianux 2.0
Asianux is a Linux server operating system which is co-developed by Chinese Leading Linux vendor Red Flag Software Co., Ltd
GPL (GNU General Public License)
libPaje 0.4.1
libPaje is a library developed in GNUstep environment and is released under the GNU Lesser General Public License. The library int
LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License)
Outgun 1.0.3
Outgun is a 32-player Internet/LAN capture-the-flag. Outgun is a free capture-the-flag action game, for up to 32 players
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Getopt::GUI::Long 0.7
Getopt::GUI::Long is a wrapper around Getopt::Long that extends the value of the original Getopt::Long module. SYNOPSIS use G
Perl Artistic License
Zap! 1.196.0
Experience the excitement that brought down the house at IndieGamesCon 2004