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Template::Magic 1.38

Perl Artistic License
MfGames.Template 1.1.0
The MfGames.Template library is a C# native library for creating template libaries. MfGames.Template was inspired by NVelocity, bu
LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License)
MAT Template Library 0.1.7
MAT Template Library is a C++ mathematical template class library
MIT/X Consortium License
HTML::Template::JIT 0.05
HTML::Template::JIT is a just-in-time compiler for HTML::Template
GPL (GNU General Public License)
HTML::Template::Expr 0.07

GPL (GNU General Public License)
Template::Plugin::XML 2.16
Template::Plugin::XML is a XML plugin for the Template Toolkit. SYNOPSIS [% USE XML; dom = XML.dom('foo.xml');
Perl Artistic License
Template::Plugins 2.15

Perl Artistic License
Template::Tutorial 2.15
Template::Tutorial are template toolkit tutorials. This section includes tutorials on using the Template Toolkit
Perl Artistic License
Dicop::Item::Template 3.04

Perl Artistic License
Class::DBI::Template::Stash 0.03
Class::DBI::Template::Stash is a Perl module with Template::Stash subclass for Class::DBI::Template. SYNOPSIS package Music::
Perl Artistic License