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MMSlib 0.96
MMSlib is a PHP library for encoding, decoding, and sending MMSes. In short it is the successor of SMS (Short Message Service) wit
GPL (GNU General Public License)
SideSMS 1.0
SideSMS sends SMS trought Italian sites and if requests works as interface for smssend. SideSMS use italian gateways for sending
GPL (GNU General Public License)
UltraSMS 0.5.6
UltraSMS is a free utility for sending and recieving mobile phone SMS messages to and from a MySQL database on Linux, Unix, Mac OS X
GPL (GNU General Public License)
ickle 0.3.2
ickle is an ICQ2000 Client using the GTK+ graphical toolkit
GPL (GNU General Public License)
trapdoor2 1.2
Trapdoor2 (td2) is an application that allows remote users to execute local commands by sending 'magic cookies'
GPL (GNU General Public License)
PoTerm 2.0
PoTerm is serial terminal shell talks to serial ports and it is capable of sending AT commands to modems
LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License)
UniMailer 1.0 build 210905

Send with Kopete 0.11
Send with Kopete is a servicemenu for sending files with Kopete application
GPL (GNU General Public License)
GSM::SMS::NBS 0.162
GSM::SMS::NBS is a API for sending and receiving SMS messages. SYNOPSIS use GSM::SMS::NBS; my $nbs = GSM::SMS::NBS->new;
Perl Artistic License
Network Communicator 2.0.0
Network Communicator is a simple script for sending and receiving data over TCP/UDP connections. It can be useful for testing fire
GPL (GNU General Public License)