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wmHexaClock is a small DockApp for your LINUX-Desktop

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 50K
Developer: Bj?rn Witt
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wmHexaClock is a small DockApp for your LINUX-Desktop. wmHexaClock displays date and time in hexadecimal notation. The color can be chosen by you (using the RRGGBB notation).

The current version is 0.1, I just wrote it and haven't debugged or commented anything yet. I just know that it's working for me (x86) and that there are some dependencies you have to take care of. But if you are running other DockApps already than it shouldn't be a problem...


It's not too difficult to use wmHexDock. You run it by typing "wmHexaClock" and confirming with < enter >

There are just a few options so far:

--color (-c) [COLORCODE]
You can change to foreground color with this option.
[COLORCODE] stands for the color which you specifiy in
hexadecimal notation (RRGGBB). Do not add the #-sign
in the beginning. Example:
"wmHexClock -fg-color 00ff00" for green.

--mode (-m) [0 or 1]
You can run wmHexaClock in two different modes. In
mode 0 the program will display the time always while
the name of the day and the date of the day will be displayed
in turns (Interval is three seconds).
In mode 1 everything will be displayed the same time. It is much
more difficult to read it since the space is actually not
big enough.

--help (-h)
Might help you

--version (-v)
Displays version number

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