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xDash is a framework for application integration (EAI)

License: The Apache License 2.0
File size: 61K
Developer: Jerzy Wachowiak
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xDash is a framework for application integration (EAI). xDash is using XMPP/jabber as the communication protocol and a set of agents. All the needed stuff is automatically generated from a CSV file, which can be comfortably edited in a spreadsheet editor.

xDash can be classified in marketing terms as:

an Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) solution or
an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB).

xDash is based on the concept of convergence between backend asynchronous messaging (like IBM MQSeries or JMS) and instant messaging (like IRC or Jabber).

Here are some key features of "xDash":
You have to manage a fast integration project with little time and low budget;
You are convinced, that integration has so many faces, that agile approach and flexible design are better than buying a "silver bullet" from big names;
You are convinced, that integration is rather a continuous, never-ending process than a single act of some software implementation;
You would like to concentrate on writing the integration logic in a well known environment and have no time to learn myriads of new options and APIs with little reuse;
You need an open human readable communication protocol (XML), where you can see what is going on under the hood;
You need a free open source multiplatform information bus for publish/subscribe integration;
You are interested in a ground-breaking project dealing with the convergence of instant and backend asynchronous messaging.

What is the core of the xDash?

xDash is at basis every sort of an integration project, which sticks to the following rules:

Communication over Jabber protocol;
The extension of the message type to type='job' for all relevant messages;
The message sending schema, in which always participate a message sender, a message receiver and a message archivist ("integration chain").
For each sort of event, triggering a Sender, there is only one integration chain defined on the server by a set of Jabber IDs and forwarding rules ("Who knows whom" schema).
The client software of Sender and Receiver knows nobody but the Archivist.
The jabber server forwards Sender's messages sent to the Archivist, additionally to the Receivers.

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