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MySQL Query Browser 1.1.18
MySQL Query Browser is a database querying tool. MySQL Query Browser combines the simplicity of a Web-browser-like interface with
GPL (GNU General Public License)
PHP File Browser 3.27
php file browser is a simple Web-based file browser. php file browser allows the user to upload files, delete, copy, make directorie
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Browser Bookmarks Menu 0.6
Browser Bookmarks Menu is a small Gnome applet to allow easy access to your browser's bookmarks, even when your browser is not open.
GPL (GNU General Public License)
WWW::Meta::XML::Browser 0.08
WWW::Meta::XML::Browser is a Perl module to simulate a browser session described in a XML file. SYNOPSIS use WWW::Meta::XML::
Perl Artistic License
browser-history 2.8
Browser-history is a small and efficient daemon that keeps your browser history, independent of the browser you use. Browser-histo
KDE CIM Browser 0.3

GPL (GNU General Public License)
Browser History Viewer 0.0.10
Browser History Viewer allows you to examine the contents of web browser history files and export the data. Currently it supports
GPL (GNU General Public License)
BrowserLauncher2 1.0 RC4
BrowserLauncher2 is a library that facilitates opening a browser from a Java application and directing the browser to a supplied URL.
LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License)
S browser 1.0 Beta 3
S3 browser is a Web-based application for managing your files stored in Amazon S3 storage service. It supports uploading both from
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Google Browser Sync
Google Browser Sync is a Firefox extension. What could be worse than forgetting to bookmark the obscure page you found that maps o
MIT/X Consortium License