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Mail::Box::Parser::C 3.006
Mail::Box::Parser::C is a Perl module that can parse folders for MailBox with C routines. This is an optional module for MailBox,
Perl Artistic License
Mailbox Alert 0.9
Mailbox Alert is a Thunderbird which allows you to specify, for each seperate mail folder, a message, sound and/or a system command t
MPL (Mozilla Public License)
mb2md 3.20 not only converts mailbox files into a Maildir, but also the /var/spool/mail/$USER mailspool file. mb2md program is smart
Imabluri 1.1.0
Imabluri is the delivery boy between SMTP and mailbox
GPL (GNU General Public License)
BiffLes 0.6
BiffLes does what does the "procmail" MDA does, but in one run
GPL (GNU General Public License)
WMpop 0.51
WMpop is a Window Maker DockApp for monitoring a local (mbox format) or POP3 mailbox
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Gbuffy 0.2.6
GBuffy is a GTK+ multiple mailbox "biff" program
GPL (GNU General Public License) 1.3 is a useful Perl script which automatically retrieves all the attachments in your mailbox, decodes them, and saves them
GPL (GNU General Public License)
asmail 1.8
Asmail is a "mail-checker" like xbiff, but with the Afterstep look & feel
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Mail Notification 4.0 RC2
Mail Notification is a status icon (aka tray icon) that informs you if you have new mail. Mail Notification works with system tra
GPL (GNU General Public License)