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mousikos is a portable audio/music player manager for GNOME

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Sophocles Metsis
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mousikos is a portable audio/music player manager for GNOME. It is designed to be able to support various types of portable music players connected through the parallel port or a USB port. It currently does not support any existing players. A fake player mimicked by a directory on the hard disk is currently supported as proof of concept of the rest of the features.

It is being developed under Linux. It is written in C. It requires glib, gtk+ and gnome. I intend to un-gnome-ify it sometime as some people only use KDE. It will always rely on glib and gtk however. It is distributed under the GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2 of June 1991.

It differs from other gui front-ends in these ways ways:

It relies on playlists (m3u).
It filters on the fly from high bit rate file to low bitrate files. In some cases this can be achieved by bit pealing (ogg to ogg), in others by re-encoding. This allows more files to fit on the player. The filtering capabilities are customizable so one could also have, for example, 256KBps ogg VBR to a regular 112Kbps mp3s.

Here are some key features of "mousikos":
It uses a two pane window. One for player contents one for playlist. Other player managers only have one with the player contents
It can support multiple types of players. To add support for a given player one file must be edited and two new files must be created: .c and .h. I hope this means that existing command line programs for other players can be adapted easily for use within mousikos.
It features a bookmarks(hotlist) menu for quick access to favorite playlists.

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