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Build Order Analyzer 2.0 by Valdarez

Build Order Anlyzer for the Axis & Allies RTS is a tool for analyzing builds in the Axis & Allies RTS game. Many sites go to great lengths to explain Build Orders, but the Build Order Analyzer is the first tool to actually allow players the ability to define a Build Order and then compare it to othe… 

feedoocha 0.1 Beta by laas

feedoocha is a RSS feed creator.

In order to maintain my RSS Feed, I've developed a new mono application named "feedoocha"; it's just a RSS Feed generator written in C#, running in mono with the ability to import/export the XML Feed file from a remote FTP server. So far, I'm using it to add new… 

Anagram Solver 0.1 by Tim Harper

Anagram Solver is a simple anagram solver program.

You can use it against any spelling dictionary that is formatted:

- one word per line
- in alphabetical order

If its not in alphabetical order, you could send it through pipe.

The basic algorithm tries all possible combinations of a… 

pdfSplit 1.0 by Fernando Lagos

pdfSplit in an application that allows to separate and/or re-arrange the order of the pages of an Adobe Acrobat file.

Here are some key features of "pdfSplit":
extract ranges of pages (1-3,5,65-75,8)
extract the even pages
extract the odd pages
invert the order of pages
encrypt the resu… 

dragList 0.5.1 by DTLink Software, LLC

DragList is a client side Drag and Drop Ordered Lists implementation.

dragList library allows you to order a list of items using drag and drop. Upon pressing ENTER the new order is communicated back to the server.

This is the code that sits behind the formVista < draglist > and < dragitem > FVML… 

Kisdnmonitor by Jorge Windmeisser Oliver

Kisdnmonitor is an applet for your KDE-desktop environment, it shows the status of the B-Channels and logs the calls (incoming and outgoing) with the duration and the costs and some other information.

It uses the standard KDE-addressbook to avoid annoying duplicities, and it retrieves on the fly… 

Template::Plugin::JavaSQL 0.4 by Rafael Kitover

Template::Plugin::JavaSQL is a Perl module to help generate Java from database schemas.


Within an XML file processed by the Java plugin:
< sql:
query="select foo as f, bar as b from some_table"


< sql:

QTTY 1.60 by David

QTTY project is a console client software, running on Linux and Windows, that allows Bluetooth RFCOMM connections to QConsole/WmConsole servers running on Symbian and Windows Mobile devices.

In order to build QTTY on Linux, you need the BlueZ package (Linux BlueTooth bits), whereas on Windows you… 

HOL 3 by Michael Norrish

HOL short from Higher Order Logic is a programming environment in which theorems can be proved and proof tools implemented.

Built-in decision procedures and theorem provers can automatically establish many simple theorems. An oracle mechanism gives access to external programs such as SAT and BDD… 

Aquatic Bubble 0.3 by Hugo Ruscitti, Gabriel Valentin & Walter Velazquez

Aquatic Bubble is a nice arcade game.

In Aquatic Bubble you must eliminate all the enemies of the level.

In order to do it you must shoot against them until catching them in bubbles and soon... "to make them burst".


Logical Desktop by Maurizio Colucci

Logical Desktop is a desktop environment. A "desktop environment" is a program that allows you to do many different things with your computer, but in a consistent way. Desktop environments can be seen as a "dogma" of how things should be done, and how they should look and feel.

Examples of deskto… 

Quizmo 0.21 by Andrew Yates

Quizmo is a program that helps students study.

Users enter questions and answers, and the program asks the student the questions in a random order.

Quizmo project does this by having the user enter questions and their answers, and then asking the questions in a random order.

It is tested and dev… 

Libphish 0.1.0 by Meni Livne

Libphish is a cross-platform library to interact with the Open Phishing Database. Libphish provides a consistent API that browsers and other HTTP clients can use to in order to have anti-phishing capabilities such as verifying the risk level and safety of URLs.

The Open Phishing Database project… 

WMFetchmailMon 0.3 by Guilhem BONNEFILLE

WMFetchmailMon try to help fetchmail users having a single dialup connexion. For such users it's hard to decide wether or not the mail fetching process is done.

WMFetchmailMon provide an applet to monitor graphically the /var/log/mail.log in order to decide if the dialup connection could be clos… 

Getopt::Simple 1.48 by Ron Savage

Getopt::Simple is a Perl module that provides a simple wrapper around Getopt::Long.


use Getopt::Simple;

# Or ...
# use Getopt::Simple qw($switch);

my($options) =
help =>
type => '',

juice 0.03h by Abraham Merwe

Juice is a frontend for mpg123 and other players. It provides a nifty dialog-based playlist editor.

In order to play audio files, two player interfaces is provided. The mpg123-specfic interface uses the remote protocol of mpg123 (This feature was introduced in version 0.59r in order to accommoda… 

ExtUtils::ModuleMaker::StandardText 0.47 by James E Keenan

ExtUtils::ModuleMaker::StandardText are methods used within ExtUtils::ModuleMaker.

The methods described below are 'quasi-private' methods which are called by the publicly available methods of ExtUtils::ModuleMaker and ExtUtils::ModuleMaker::Interactive. They are 'quasi-private' in the sense that… 

Senigma 0.1.1 by Konrad Rieck

The Software Enigma is a little application that imitates the original behaviour of the Enigma, a cryptographic device that was used in World War II by the Germans. The cipher mechanism was cracked by several different parties (polish, english, ...) in the 40s.
The enigma uses a symmetrical encrypt… 

Rosetta::TODO 0.724.0 by Darren R. Duncan

Rosetta::TODO document maps out a rough development plan the Rosetta DBMS framework, so you know in roughly what order I plan to implement various features. When something is implemented, it will be removed from this list and instead be reflected elsewhere, such as the main documentation or the Chan… 

Workorder Processing System 0.1.3 by Mirko Kaiser

Workorder Processing System allows you to quickly set up a work order/ticket tracking system for most service related businesses.

Workorder Processing System is capable of handling multiple branches, which allows all branches to run from one central server connected to the Internet.

Here are s… 



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