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slapt-get 0.9.11g by Jason Woodward

slapt-get is an APT-like system for Slackware package management.

slapt-get project allows you to search Slackware mirrors and third-party package sources (such as for packages, compare them with installed packages, and install new packages or upgrade installed packages, al… 

Gslapt 0.3.16 by Jason Woodward

This is a GTK version of slapt-get. Gslapt project requires slapt-get.

To build from source, you must have these packages installed:



OCSID 10.2 by Stefano Stabellini

OCSID is a Slackware based distro with Gnome, like the good old Slackware used to have.

First let's start with what OCSID is NOT:

is not yet another linux distro;
is not yet another fork;
is not born to divide the Community;
is not a closed development project.

So What OCSID really… 

Mutagenix by Mutagenix Team

Mutagenix (myoot'-a-jen-iks) -- n. : A dynamic and mutable variant of Linux; Any one of several LiveCDs based on Slackware and Linux-Live.

Mutagenix is built on Slackware Linux and Linux-Live LiveCD build scripts. Slapt-get is the foundation for the Mutagenix build system.

Here are some key featur… 

SLAMPP Lite 2.0 by Kemas Yunus Antonius

SLAMPPLite is a linux live CD that will turn your personal computer to a simple home server.

What makes it different is that SLAMPPLite has smaller size that will fit into a 256 MB compact disk or usb stick. It contains only essential server applications like Apache, MySQL, ProFTPD, BIND, DHCPD,… 

gpkg 0.4.1 by Marco Antonio Islas Cruz

gpkg is a visual way to manage packages on Slackware. gpkg has been developed with Python and PyGTK so you need Python and PyGTK to use it.

Here are some key features of "gpkg":
List all packages on your system
Let you make a search for a package
Install, upgrade and remove packages

College Linux 2.5 (Obi Wan) by CollegeLinux

The aim of this experimental Linux distribution is to provide to RKC students andto the student population at large an operating system which is easy to install and use and which provides an alternative to the traditional commercial operating systems ;) Why Slackware as a base?

As they themselves… 

SLAMPP Live CD 1.1 by Kemas Yunus Antonius

SLAMPP is a generic linux distribution which can boot and run directly off CD-ROM and has possibility to be installed onto harddisk. SLAMPP Live CD is designed to be used as an instant home server.

Just like another linux live CD available at this moment, SLAMPP gives a linux newbie a chance to t… 

SCLive 2.0 by David Cabanis

SCLive is a complete Linux-based SystemC Development Environment, which boots directly off a CD or USB memory stick, allowing you to use SystemC without having to install any software.

The SystemC Live-CD is under 128MB and can be burned to a CD, mini-CD (8 cm) or a USB key. You can boot your mac… 



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