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The aim of this experimental Linux distribution is to provide to RKC students andto the student population at large an operating syst

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: CollegeLinux
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The aim of this experimental Linux distribution is to provide to RKC students andto the student population at large an operating system which is easy to install and use and which provides an alternative to the traditional commercial operating systems ;) Why Slackware as a base?

As they themselves put it, "The Official Release of Slackware Linux by Patrick Volkerding is an advanced Linux operating system, designed with the twin goals of ease of use and stability as top priorities.

Including the latest popular software while retaining a sense of tradition, providing simplicity and ease of use alongside flexibility and power, Slackware brings the best of all worlds to the table. "CollegeLinux can benefit from the stability of slackware now made easy with our user friendly installer and interface.

The basic concept of CollegeLinux is to provide you with an alternative, user-friendly operating system and a way to learn more using linux. Whilst maintaining simplicity and a user friendly system, we want to introduce our users to more advanced features and why not, to maintain the "geek" side of linux by providing an excellent development environment.

Thanks to the great environment and suite of free software provided by KDE.Once you have installed CollegeLinux you can do the normal tasks you used to accomplish under your "old" OS namely:

- Using an office suite which containts an advanced text editor,spreadsheet, presentation tool, chart, scientific calculator and much more (thanks to OpenOffice, you can modify your windows documents or save your new documents in a windows compatible format like .doc, .xls etc);

- Organizing your work/study task with calendar, task manager and everything you might need to cope with your busy life;-Having available an email suite, browsers, html editor, graphic software,music and multimedia tools and much more.

-Development & Server environment: The new CollegeLinux 2.5. comes with a "robot" to auto install and configure on the fly PHP,Apache, Webmin and MySQL on the fly: your complete development environment. If you always wanted to learn some programming this is your chance. With our tools and the full manual at dotgeek you can start learning PHP with collegelinux and test your first scripts locally.

- Installing and upgrading any of the available packages via a slapt get based, easy to use interface. The expandibility of CollegeLinux is therefore limited only by your own imagination!

What's New in This Release:
Full compatibility with Slackware 9.1 ;
CollegeLinux server robot: install & configure automatically (almost no question asked) Apache, PHP, MySQL, SQLite, Webmin and Phpmyadmin (mysql front end) and SQLiteManager (sqlite frontend) your complete server & development environment;
CL auto-update engine: slapt-get based(special thanks to Jason Woodward ) integrated with a Konqueror front end. You can now update on the fly every package or the entire distribution.
Our own Installer substantiall upgraded, more hardware supported.
Direct connect file sharing, latest kde, openoffice and much more.

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