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Text Zap 0.5 by Judah Wischnitzer

Text Zap is a Java text filtering. I created Text-Zap to be able to enable massive find and replace on a series of text files. Like most open source projects, I add few things and then few more until I realized that I had a full blown application.

The purpose of Text-Zap is to allow quick an easy… 

GD::Text 0.86 by Martien Verbruggen

GD::Text is a Perl module with text utilities for use with GD.


use GD;
use GD::Text;

my $gd_text = GD::Text->new() or die GD::Text::error();
$gd_text->set_font('funny.ttf', 12) or die $gd_text->error;

Text::Graphics 1.0001 by Stephen Farrell

Text::Graphics is a text graphics rendering toolkit.

This is a toolkit for rendering plain text via an API like that used for graphics rendering in GUI toolkits. This package might be used when you want to do sophisticated rendering of plain text, e.g., for graphing, creating of complex forms for… 

MKDoc::Text::Structured::Inline 0.83 by MKDoc::Text::Structured::Inline Team

MKDoc::Text::Structured::Inline is a Perl module to convert text to HTML without handling block-level tags.


my $text = some_structured_text();
my $this = MKDoc::Text::Structured::Inline::process ($text);
my $that = MKDoc::Text::Structured::Inline::process_entities_only ($text)… 

Text::Kakasi::JP 2.04 by Dan Kogai

Text::Kakasi::JP is a Japanese Perl extension for Text::Kakasi.


use Text::Kakasi;
# functional
$res = Text::Kakasi::getopt_argv('kakasi', '-ieuc', '-w');
$str = Text::Kakasi::do_kakasi($japanese_text);
# object-oriented
$obj = Text::Kakasi->new('-ieuc','-w');

Text::Kakasi 2.04 by NOKUBI Takatsugu

Text::Kakasi is a perl frontend to kakasi.


use Text::Kakasi;
# functional
$res = Text::Kakasi::getopt_argv('-JJ', '-c', '-w');
$str = Text::Kakasi::do_kakasi($japanese_text);
# object-oriented
$obj = Text::Kakasi->new('-JJ', '-c', '-w');
$str = $obj->get($japanese_… 

Tartan text parser 0.1.0 by Larry Baltz, David Anderson and Folk Logic

Tartan is a text parsing engine targeted at wiki text. The syntax specification is defined in YAML in the form of regex-based rules.

It supports layering and multiple output types. Rules for Markdown to HTML are included, with optional layered extensions for tables. Tartan text parser is implemen… 

XML::DOM::Text 1.44 by XML::DOM::Text Team

XML::DOM::Text is a piece of XML text in XML::DOM.

XML::DOM::Text extends XML::DOM::CharacterData, which extends XML::DOM::Node.

The Text interface represents the textual content (termed character data in XML) of an Element or Attr. If there is no markup inside an element's content, the text i… 

Text::EtText::EtText2HTML 2.2 by Justin Mason

Text::EtText::EtText2HTML is a Perl module to convert from the simple EtText editable-text format into HTML.


my $t = new Text::EtText::EtText2HTML;
print $t->text2html ($text);
my $t = new Text::EtText::EtText2HTML;
print $t->text2html (); # from STDIN


Text::Graph 0.23 by G. Wade Johnson

Text::Graph is a Perl extension for generating text-based graphs.


use Text::Graph;
blah blah blah

Some data is easier to analyze graphically than in its raw form. In many cases, however, a full-blown multicolor graphic representation is overkill. In these cases, a simple graph… 

Text-Tokenizer 0.4.0 by Samuel Behan

Text::Tokenizer is a flex based lexical analyzator perl module.

Text-Tokenizer can be used for parsing of text (configuration) files. With this module, a simple full-featured configuration parser can be written very easily.

Perl 5.005

What's New in This Release:
The flex-g… 

Apache::Pod::Text 0.22 by Andy Lester

Apache::Pod::Text is a mod_perl handler to convert Pod to plain text.


A simple mod_perl handler to easily convert Pod to Text.


See Apache::Pod::HTML for configuration details.


Text::Editor::Vip::Buffer::DoUndoRedo 0.04 by Khemir Nadim ibn Hamouda

Text::Editor::Vip::Buffer::DoUndoRedo is a non optional plugin for a Text::Editor::Vip::Buffer.

The do, undo, redo functionality of Text::Editor::Vip::Buffer is implemented by this package. This package automatically extends a Text::Editor::Vip::Buffer when a Text::Editor::Vip::Buffer instance is… 

NAFE 0.1 by Corvus V Corax

nafe (Not Another Font Editor) is a tool to convert Linux console font files into ASCII text files that are human-readable/editable.

It also converts this text files back into system-usable PSF font files for display on the Linux text console, thus making font editing easy.

nafe is no consolef… 

Text::EtText::HTML2EtText 2.2 by Justin Mason

Text::EtText::HTML2EtText is a Perl module to convert from HTML to the EtText editable-text format.


my $t = new Text::EtText::HTML2EtText;
print $t->html2text ($html);
my $t = new Text::EtText::HTML2EtText;
print $t->html2text (); # from STDIN


Text::VimColor 0.11 by Geoff Richards

Text::VimColor is a syntax color text in HTML or XML using Vim.


use Text::VimColor;
my $syntax = Text::VimColor->new(
file => $0,
filetype => 'perl',

print $syntax->html;
print $syntax->xml;

This module tries to markup text files according to t… 

Prima::TextView 1.20 by Dmitry Karasik, Anton Berezin and Vadim Belman

Prima::TextView is a rich text browser widget.

Prima::TextView accepts blocks of formatted text, and provides basic functionality - scrolling and user selection. The text strings are stored as one large text chunk, available by the ::text and ::textRef properties. A block of a formatted text is a… 

GTK2 Text Editor 2.0.4 by Victor Porton

GTK2 Text Editor is a simple text editor which supports Unicode. It is especially suitable for editing multilingual XML and HTML texts (It can automatically close XML/HTML tags). It is also a nice Notepad replacement.

It supports many encodings (and so can be used as a text encodings converter).… 

HyperLinked Text 0.1.1 by Phil Bordelon

HyperLinked Text project is a Wiki-esque text file format and accompanying viewer.

HyperLinked Text (Hylt) is both a file format and a viewer for that format.

It uses (almost) flat text files to generate a Wiki-style database of hyperlinked pages, without either the complex markup of HTML or… 

Fala 0.1 by Jonh Wendell

Fala is a simple text reader.

A simple software that speaks a text. You can type the text or appoint a file.

Fala is just a frontend to festival. It's designed for GNOME, but if you have gtk, pyhton and festival you are able to run it.

GTK+ version 2.8.x



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