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Absolute OS is a fast Slackware derivative Linux distribution that uses a Icewm and ROX-Filer window/file manager combination. Why

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 14K
Developer: Paul Sherman
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Absolute OS is a fast Slackware derivative Linux distribution that uses a Icewm and ROX-Filer window/file manager combination.

Why based on Slackware?

And what is a "Slacker?" -- That's what they call the lucky puppy who discovers Slackware, sets up a machine -- then Slacks. I have a Slackware 7 (or 8?) server running in my basement since 2000. Maintenance has consisted of scraping the sawdust off the front grill a couple of times. (The machine is close to my table saw.)

Slackware is the longest-running distribution of the Linux operating system. And for good reason -- it is stable, secure and when loaded with a lightweight window/file manager combination, very fast.

Why Absolute?

If Slackware's so great . . . then what motivated me to create a modified distribution? Well, to start off with it is what I use. All day, every day. My kids use it and, as a PC repair guy, I install it. I wanted ease of installation (to save my time), lightweight enough to put on even very old machines, and stable enough and easy enough to use so that I did not get support calls all the time.

As opposed to Slackware, Absolute sets itself up for desktop use, without having to sort through hundreds of software packages to know what to install and what programs are needed by other programs. Although Slackware is configured via text files, Absolute has plenty of simple, GUI-based utilities to accomplish your goals. Such things as changing the sytem time, adding a user that works with all the applications, starting or stopping system services -- these things can be difficult if you have never before used Linux, especially Slackware.

Absolute does not change how Slackware works, it just makes it easier and faster. So if you are familiar with Slackware, you can still do all the configuration voodoo the old-fashioned way if you like.

Is it for you?

If you are tired of fighting with adware and virii, spending good money on new machines that only seem to run slower the more time that goes by and the more money you throw at them -- then you may well be motivated enough to try Absolute.

If you have an old P2 or P3 languishing around and if you put it on the internet it fills up with garbage and even with the antivirus it runs like an old dog -- wake it up! Absolute is lean, clean and won't get infected with every virus, worm, trojan or piece of poorly-written, system-sapping and sometimes dangerous spyware.

If you want to safetly, easily and quickly be able to check your email, watch movies, listen to music, make documents, charts, plot graphs -- burn music or videos or pictures, edit pictures, play some games online or off, download videos or music, use a couple included dictionaries or read etext or FTP or download new software without fear. All without fear.

What's New in This Release:
The new file-finder utility is fast, and can give file properties and open a file's parent folder with ROX or open the file with its default application.
A USB-stick mounting script was added.
A GAMMApage bug was fixed for ATI users.
PPP and KPPP are included for modem users.
Gutenpy was substituted for the dated ETextReader.

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