ALE 0.8.5-pre3 review

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License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 174K
Developer: David Hilvert
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ALE is an image-processing program used for tasks such as image mosaicking, super-resolution, deblurring, noise reduction, and anti-aliasing.

ALE principle of operation is synthetic capture, combining multiple inputs representing the same scene.

What's New in 0.8.4 Stable Release:
This release refines the 3D engine to support focus effects, filtering, and editing of scene geometry.

What's New in 0.8.5-pre3 Development Release:
This prerelease adds dynamic adjustment of the Monte Carlo alignment parameter, fixes a potential nondeterminism bug in the random number generator, and modifies the default settings to improve the speed of high-quality runs.
Other changes include the addition of file-scoping for the perturb-upper option and a bugfix for exp-mult parameter processing.
The documentation is incomplete.

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