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b-tektracker is an advanced realtime MIDI step-sequencer with a 'tracker' interface

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Boo-boo and Sam Brauer
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b-tektracker is an advanced realtime MIDI step-sequencer with a 'tracker' interface. b-tektracker is a fork of tektracker by Billy Biggs.

ttrk is the product of frustration with bad step editors found on pretty much all MIDI sequencers available today. I'm a big fan of trackers, and I wanted to be able to compose MIDI music using a tracker paradigm.

There are five main goals of ttrk:

1. Tracker-style step editor, think ScreamTracker3.
2. Pattern based sequencer.
3. Big, accessable track mute buttons, think Alesis MMT8.
4. Realtime editing, never need to push stop.
5. All functions directly accessable from the keyboard for rapid editing.

ttrk started in the spring of 1999 as a Qt application. I used it to record a bunch of songs (http://mp3.com/bitblit) and some live shows, but it was very much hacked together based on what I needed at the time. Keeping a GUI app up to date is a pain in the ass, and ttrk has been in need of a rewrite ever since.

The urge to create a console version was two-fold:

1. I wanted to use my old computer as a dedicated sequencer, and it doesn't run X.
2. To create a sequencer, you need to run as root. I don't like running big X apps as root.

There are some files to help you use ttrk:

- docs/keys.txt Detailed explanation of all keyboard commands.
- docs/usage.txt Detailed notes on how to use ttrk.

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