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DH: Lore Invasion puts the player into the very mind of the most lethal war machines ever to engage combat in the war-torn Earth of 2

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DH: Lore Invasion puts the player into the very mind of the most lethal war machines ever to engage combat in the war-torn Earth of 2155. Connected by a remote neural link, you control your Mechanized Assault Vehicle (MAV) in a squad of allied warriors while seeking to claim soil for the faction to which youve pledged your allegiance.

Can you lead your people to peace in a harsh universe where reflexes and nerves of steel are the touchstones of victory? Or will your enemy overpower you with superior resolve and unrelenting firepower? How will you write the Lore of the future?

History will remember your era as the turning point; after 150 years of uneasy peace, the stalemate has been broken and the Earth has once again plunged into a war that will decide the future of "No Mans Land"... once known as "North America". As the Federated States and Eastern Confederation clash once more, it will be you who enters the fray at its most intense and will lead your people to victory or oblivion. The year is 2155 and the war which will decide the fate of mankind is beginning, and your courage will write the lore of the future on the soil of battle.

This battle-zone is not the Earth as you remember it: Intense radiation makes it impossible for living things to set foot on the dried, crusted surface. Instead, factions deploy cybernetically-controlled Mechanized Assault Vehicles (MAVs) which can operate quickly and lethally while being linked to the very minds of the soldiers who control them from thousands of miles away. These vehicles of battle are so closely woven into the minds of their masters that every neural impulse is instantaneously transmitted to and from the warriors. They are one, the mind and the machine.

Some choose to fight for the technologically-advanced culture of the Federated States who inculcate justice for all and believe in the power of a balanced society. Others choose the way of the fist and adopt the savage warriors path that belongs to the Eastern Confederation where might makes right. As a MAV Warrior you will have to pull the trigger with no more than a split second of warning, but for whom will you fire your weapons and aim your cannons? Choose your allegiance and lead your faction to victory.

Here are some key features of "DH Lore Invasion":
Persistent Online Conflict:

DH: Lore Invasion offers a multi-faceted gaming experience that provides a rich and dynamic experience for players of all kinds. At its core, Lore Invasion offers pulse-pounding first-person action where quick reflexes and nerves of steel are the path to victory. Once the battle is done, however, game statistics and records are saved permanently to measure your factions progress and track your own history as a MAV Warrior. This persistent universe in which the content is dominated by the best fighters makes the game much more interesting and gives every battle much more weight. Here are some of the elements of the DH: Lore Invasion online gaming system:

Individual, Squad, and Faction battle statistics tracking from Server Corp servers.
Multiple Character Management from within the game, and through the Universe Web Access Point.
Persistent "Balance of Power Map", visualizing the conflict as it persists.
Squad management, including internal command structures and military ranking system.
Game Masters and Warlords to help chart the course of the conflict.
Streaming battle reports.

Whats more, DH: Lore Invasion expands and evolves its in-game content as the gamer grows and develops a history. New maps, new MAVs, new weapons and new game types will continue to be issued and make DH: Lore Invasion into an organic, exciting game experience with infinite replay value.

Mavs and Customization:

Choose from 4 different MAV classes including Tank, Scout, Infantry and Assault classes. After choosing a class, customize the offensive capabilities of your vehicle by arming primary and secondary weapons specifically tailored to your MAVs design and purpose. Each class also has its own special weapons, designed to compliment that MAVs design and role on the battlefields, including mines for Scouts to drop in enemy territory or to protect objectives, Flame Throwers for close in Assault class combat, deployable turrets to help protect objectives, and Tank artillery from frontline aggressors.

When working in a squad of fellow MAV Warriors, you can tailor your MAV designs to support each other in the fray of combat, playing the strengths of each model to create a well-rounded, powerful attack team.

Community Empowerment:

DH: Lore Invasion is more than just another pre-packaged game; Max Gaming Technologies invites and encourages the input and involvement of gamers to develop the gestation of the game and to shape its features and content. This enables us to create a game which responds to the experience of Lore Invasion community members and create the game that they most want to play.

Programs such as the Server Corps, Ambassador Corps, and the mod community are the key to the growth and community for Lore. Max Gaming is committed to provide support for unofficial modding and for official player contributed content, which will become part of the online universe experience.

The Lore Invasion Official Community site is the central link to all of our community efforts and the online link into the persistent universe www.darkhorizons-lore.com . Visit now to get more information on the universe and to find out how you can contribute.

Other Features:

In-game IRC style chat
Buddy lists
Irc Style Chat
dedicated server for Windows, Mac, and Linux
non-stat reporting gameplay allowing players to play either faction without affecting their statistics or rank.
Arena style maps for 1 on 1 or small squad combat
Offline mission editor
Community events (i.e. training, major offenses)
In-game news feeds

CPU: Pentium III 733 or equivalent
Memory: 256MB RAM
Video: ATI or NVIDIA video card with 32 MB memory and proprietary
vendor OpenGL drivers (GeForce 2 or better recommended)
Sound: Linux compatible sound card
Disk: 300 MB hard drive space
Internet: 56K modem access

What's New in This Release:
Instant Action mode added where you play against bots
bots added to network play
refit bay added to change your mav so you don't need to suicide
new lighting used throughout the game
weapons delay after an airstrike reduced to 10 seconds
scouts now have the ability to cloak
assaults have limited jetting capabilities
minor tweaks to various weapons for the MAVs
flares work better now against heat seeking missiles
health meter added to the trucks for Sector 2
objective list added to the lower right corner for assault missions, scores added for other map types
when viewing a server list, you can now view the players in the server
PDF ebooks from the Dark Horizons Universe RPG are now included in the purchase

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