FireFTP 1.0 review

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FireFTP is an FTP server designed for web hosting providers

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 146K
Developer: Ian Gulliver
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FireFTP is an FTP server designed for web hosting providers. It uses a two-part design to provide a top-level "virtual" directory with a series of subdirectories underneath.

Each subdirectory can be owned by a different user; FireFTP chroot()'s and setuid()'s as it moves into each directory.

The end effect of this is to enable configurations where multiple users can have access to one directory and one user can have access to multiple directories, and system disk quotas still function as normal.



(su to root or use sudo)

make install

FireFTP expects to be started as root from tcpserver (part of the ucspi-tcp package, see; it may have issues when running under inetd or xinetd, due to tcpserver
environment variables that it expects to see.

A sample run file for svscan to start the process is provided in the contrib/ directory of the distribution.


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