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gtksourceviewmm is a C++ wrapper for the gtksourceview text widget

License: LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License)
File size: 422K
Developer: Rob Page
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gtksourceviewmm is a C++ wrapper for the gtksourceview text widget. gtksourceviewmm library supports undo/redo, syntax highlighting, and other features typical of a source editor.

Gtk::SourceView is a proper decendent of Gtk::TextView and inherits all the relevant properties and methods. In addition, it adds methods that wrap gtk_source_view_* functions and handles source view specific signals.

gtkmm related libraries (glibmm, sigc++)
gtksourceview 1.1.90 or above (older versions may also work)
libxml2 (required by gtksourceview)
gnomeprint stuff (required by gtksourceview. I chose to remove this requirement in my gtksourceview installation)

and most importantly:
pkg-config that knows about the libraries listed above.


The configure script doesn't generate a library. You will simply need to copy three files to your project[see note below] The included configure script will generate Makefiles to make an example program called testsourceview in the gtksourceviewmm directory.

I have tested with:

gtkmm 2.4.7 glibmm 2.4.5 sigc++ 2.x on linux
gtkmm 2.4.8 glibmm 2.4.x sigc++ 2.x on windows (mingw) with success

Try "pkg-config --list-all" and see if you have all of the above. If pkg-config doesn't see all the libs, configure script will also fail to see required libs.

If you think you meet all the dependencies,


(if make succeeds, try out the test app)

cd gtksourceviewmm

What's New in This Release:
Currently implemented is a basic feature set, supporting everything needed for the AmyEdit latex editor's functionality.
However, some functions are still unwrapped.

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