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JobPal is a tool that can be used as an aid in online job searching. In today's job market, most positions are found on internet j

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JobPal is a tool that can be used as an aid in online job searching.

In today's job market, most positions are found on internet job boards, and resumes and cover letters are submitted via email. Most of the work involves customization of cover letters for each unique position, and repetitively adding attachments to email messages.

This process can be time consuming, and as anyone who has been involved in a job search knows, employers receive hundreds of applicants for each position they post. This means that the faster you get your resume and cover letter to the employer, the more likely that your resume will be viewed.

JobPal automatically customizes each message using a template that you create:
With JobPal you can automatically customize information such as the company name you are sending your resume to, the exact title of the position you are applying to, and the website that you found the job posting on. This is all made possible through the use of template tags. You make the template using a text editor, and JobPal does the rest of the work for you. The message that appears in the preview window will be the message written in the body of the email.

JobPal lets you add up to five templates to choose from:
If you are applying to different types of positions, you have probably realized that you should have a specialized cover letter which advertises particular skills and experience for the targeted position. JobPal lets you easily switch between cover letter templates. Simply select the template you want to send and press the "Send Emial" button. It is that easy!

JobPal only requires you to add attachments once, and they are saved until you change them:
With a regular email client, you have to take the time to add attachments every time you send a message. This is one of the most time consuming parts of sending resumes to employers. JobPal only requires that you add attachments once. Each time you send an email, your attachments will automatically be included, saving you extra time and effort.

JobPal keeps track of all positions you have sent messages to:
When an employer calls you regarding a resume, it is important to know the title of the position you applied for, and the date the resume was sent. Many job hunters do this manually, by writing down information about positions as they apply for them. JobPal can do all of this work for you.

JobPal's security feature prevents you from sending a message to the same employer twice:
JobPal has a security feature that will warn you if you have sent a message to the same email address in the past. This feature can be turned off if the user desires.

JDK 5.0 or higher

What's New in This Release:
It is possible to add up to 5 resumes to the user interface.
A different resume can easily be selected for each message that is sent, greatly increasing the customization of message/resume combinations that are sent to potential employers.

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